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book review 1

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David Lemuel E. Garcia                                                                                           1/22/08


10564721      BS-IM






Readings and Cases in Corporate Morality 4th Edition




Chapter 1: Theories of Economic Justice



“… the way to attain wealth is first to attain power, usually by FORCE”



- this only implies that if you want to be on top, you should have the power over others that you can control and manipulate, however, the ethical issue would be is that you can attain power by means of force. What does it mean when you say attain power by means of force; it only means that you’ll use your power to be superior over others and create an unpleasant environment over the others that will make them feel trampled by you. Others will not give you respect but FEAR. Others will rebel on you because of your ways and they will hate you. A good example of people who do this kind of thing is a dictatorial person in a dictatorial kind of government. We can see that the implications of attaining wealth by force doesn’t give a good output in the end because it’ll always hunt you don’t till you stop doing it.



Overview of the whole chapter:




            - it only shows the concept of justice and takes us to the higher level of abstraction the familiar theory of  the social contract as found like in Locke, Rousseau, and Kant. It also talks about the Distributive Justice, Utilitarianism, Capitalism, Morality, and the Moral Cases of Socialism.





Chapter 2: Ethics and Business Decision Making



                        “… there is a single “right” answer to most problems”


            - A single right answer? How can that be possible in answering problems, maybe in a 1+1 type of problem, there can be but even if you are to get that kind of answer, you are to undergo a certain process to be able to answer that. Most problems have different approaches thus giving us different answers and that answer can be the best for a certain situation but it can also be the worst in a different angle. You can always come up with a best answer but not a single right answer. Even in programming, you can come up with an application and that application can be great for you but it can be garbage for the user.




Overview of the whole chapter:



            - Chapter two focuses on the Ethical Decision making, principled reasoning, ethics in management, and the ethical critiques in cost-benefit analysis. This chapter shows how ethics run in the business environment. It shows how you can create solutions that would work for the company in an ethical manner. It shows also the ethical quality of our society by the separate actions of the officials and their staff, the employees and the employers, the parents and children, etc… Ethical Decisions are essential to our everyday lives because as simple as deciding whether to beat the red light or not is an ethical decision already.




Chapter 3: Agency, Legitimacy, and Responsibility



                        “…individuals are responsible if they are trustworthy and reliable, if they allow appropriate factors to affect their judgment…… ”



            - This statement made an impact because this is something that we can really see normally specially when trying to create workgroups. Others do pull out someone from the crowd and make them a part of the team if they know that this certain person is reliable enough to work with them. It’s as simple as being an ethical person because others can see your behavior thus building up your good reputation to the community.



Overview of the whole chapter:



            - This chapter focuses more on the social responsibility of the individual, the business and taking the corporation into something like a single person. This chapter also showed how a corporation should take into consideration their social responsibility as a crucial part of the business. Profit for them is not the main purpose of the business. Knowing also how to choose the right person at the right time and the right moment can give an advantage for the business.






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