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David Lemuel E. Garcia                                                                                           1/29/2008









The Andhra Pradesh e-Governance Story’s





                        “…to adjust from an institution-centric system to a citizen-centric system….”




            This indeed is such a great idea from Andhra as this can make the citizens realize their purpose as a citizen thus making them more interactive within the works of the government and giving them more knowledge about what they should do and what’s happening around them.





QUESTION: Can this change happen here in the Philippines?



            As we can see, we have an advantage over the people who live there because most of the Filipino’s are literate and exposed to new technology in terms of communication such as mobile phones and internet connection. E-commerce and other related business is already running here in our country. The people who will encounter a new type of automated system wouldn’t be that surprised on how it operates or how it will be used because we are exposed to the new technology that the world produces.



            Implementing a new type of government might be an issue to Filipino’s because most of the people tend to put their arms on the “nakasanayan” which in-turn hinders us from accepting change and implementing change. This e-governance can give the Philippines a competitive advantage over the other countries but then, every citizen should cooperate and contribute to the change that our government would want to imply.



            The culture of the Filipino is one good help to implement this type of governance in terms of “pagkakaisa” because we all know that in times where we really need and want to change the face of history, we can do it and we do it, a very good example would be EDSA revolution. Change is only the beginning but if people could make a good startup, this kind of governance can be implemented here in our country and this can also help change the image of the Philippines to the other countries.


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