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case study 2

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David Lemuel E. Garcia                                                                                         2//2008








Casas Bahia


Fulfilling a Dream





                        “The culture and philosophy are important to the continued success of Casas Bahia”




            - The culture is very important as the management of Casas Bahia controls and maintains the right culture that needs to be within the company. This is also the reason why Samuel Klein, one of the four Klein family members who have the sole authority to sign checks, is adamant about not selling a stake to outside investors because he believes that “Partners boss you around”.




Philosophy on the other hand is needed to be maintained because temptations will always be there for the company to change its philosophy and not follow the vision and the mission of the company thus making them unworthy of handling the system of Casas Bahia.





QUESTION: If you are to implement something like Casas Bahia in the Philippines, how would you go about it?




            - Sequential would be the right term in approaching the Casas Bahia’s system or implementing it. What do I mean by sequential? It means that I would want to take it step by step before taking the system into its full implementation. Doing it part by part and taking corrective actions from every error that can be encountered. Risks mitigation is also very important as because this can be very risky in terms of profitability. Returns are not to be expected so much because it can also lead to frustrations and loosing of hope for the company.



            Studies and statistic reviews should be done in order for us to also know the probability that this system would work here in the Philippines and a handful of sponsors would also be good to start with. Public volunteering in helping for the implementation is also a great idea for the implementation to have a more success rate and that we as the implementers won’t handle the burden ourselves.




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