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case study 3

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David Lemuel E. Garcia


10564721      BS-IM





Professional ethics, codes of conduct, and moral responsibility




Answer in #1:




            Being responsible; Honesty; Rejection of Bribery; Social-welfare; Avoiding of harm; Trustworthiness; No discrimination; Respect for property.


            These are some virtues that can be seen in the codes of ethics of the two companies however, there are certain shortcomings from these ethical codes such as too much of an aspiration implied to the user of the code that made the person frustrated because of his/her shortcomings in terms of work. Sometimes, the jobs of the employees are being overlooked giving the managers a bad impression to the employees.


            The advantage of having these ethical codes was that, it’ll be able to motivate the members of the organization to behave in certain ways that the company wants them to be. These codes serve as an inspiration, a guide, education and discipline as well. Without these codes, other members of the organization would not have the idea on how they should act properly within the organization. Diverse culture means a different attitude, that’s why we need to establish a certain type of behavior in an organization for it to have a good relationship with one another.



Answer in #2:




            YES. The part where it is said that computer professional would encounter lots of problems that needs the codes in order for them to create whistle-blowing decisions. Computer professionals are also bound by codes that talk about their behavior and the way on how they should do things as professionals.




Answer in #3:




            I would still pursue not to take this project even if it means that my whole career in the XYZ Corp. would end. Why? Well, achieving what I had achieved in the XYZ Corp. only means that I can achieve that in another company if I do what I need to do. Besides, If I’ m really fully respected by the people around me, why should I be scared of taking off the company, it’ll only show that you’ve established some good connections that can help you regain a job or get a new one even if you’ve lost the first one.




Answer in #4:



            Being the head of the programming team, I would give a suggestion that the major areas of bugs that can greatly affect the program are the one that should be fixed within the remaining period of time and then, give the users of the system information that the system won’t be fully free of bugs and that the remaining little bugs in the system should be fixed as soon as possible. It is better for the users to be aware of the bugs rather than getting surprised that a certain bug would appear so that the users can do preventive actions in order to mitigate the risk that can be encountered in using the system that we will release.



Answer in #5:



            The effect would be is that others might think that these IT-people are so arrogant and that we can actually deviate the rules implemented by the organization but then looking at it deeply, it isn’t what we IT-people are trying to do, we are just doing what we think and what can manage the risks and what can reduce the amount of costs and problems that can be undergone by our organization. The rules that the computer professionals should use would be the rules that our own organization tells us to use and the ethical codes that we have as computer professionals.








            Is it right for Lozada to whistle-blow? Justify your answer using the de georges criteria.



            No it isn’t. Based on the de georges criterias, he hasn’t met the first 3 criteria’s, the 3rd one which is “… have received no satisfaction from their immediate supervisors…” was not satisfied as they have received a lot already and that they are not being trampled and being underpaid. Another thing was that, documentation is not present or being created stating how it will harm the public and what are the other possibilities that this certain action can harm a lot of people. If all of the criteria’s are being met then it will be okay for Lozada to do the whistle-blowing but then it hasn’t. 


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