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Hindustan Lever Limited

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David Lemuel E. Garcia                                                  IT-ETHICS                                                                                            

10564721             BS-IM



Hindustan Lever Limited Case Study




1. What is the innovation that HLL introduced in the area of diarrheal disease prevention?

                - Innovative methods of marketing. The common consumer good which is soap was being marketed and distributed throughout India in order to fight the problem with regards to diarrhea.



2. Why is handwashing an excellent preventive measure against diarrheal disease?

                - Research shows that 48% of diarrhea attacks can be prevented by hand washing. Washing of hands can also reduce the spread of ARIs.



3. Why is an MNC in the best position to influence behavioral change in combating diarrheal disease?

                - because MNC is the large, fast moving consumer goods company in India that has a deep experience in conducting and analyzing consumer research to identify behaviors and trigger points for behavioral change that needs to be implied to the Indian people because by merely doing a hand wash for them was a big behavioral change already.



4. According to Yuri Jain of HLL, what is the connection between diarrheal disease prevention and HLL products?

                -She states that almost everything in India is done by hands; cooking or eating, no fork nor knives were being used there so it normally is the hands that carry out the diarrheal pathogens to the people. The HLL products could be a great help in sanitizing and keeping the people away from those types of diseases.



5. According to Harpreet Singh Tibb, what is the connection for HLL between economy, beauty and health?

                - They are the ones that provide those needs to the people.



6. What was the impact of the Central American Handwashing Initiative to its beneficiairies?

                - A 30% increase in hygienic handwashing behavior in mothers was being seen as a change in the behavior of the people.



7. What was the reason for Dr. Vedana Shiva's opposition to the PPP? Is it justified?

                - Dr. Vedana said that the PPP’s scale of operation would be too much and that it won’t be a success to operate on that scale. Yes it is.



8. If you were in a position to decide how to go ahead with PPP while knowing the opposition how would you go about it?

                - I would probably take the opportunity the PPP was doing and then take advantage over the people’s knowledge that was given to them by PPP to lessen the cost in creating educational marketing strategies about the uses of soap and then just go into the selling part and a little marketing about my product.


9. How did Lifebuoy re-brand itself? Do you agree with HLL Chairman Marvinder Sing Banga's decision? Why?

                - They rebranded their self by leveraging the historical brand platform of health by trying soap usage to the eradication of family health problems. Yes I agree, because if they won’t change their theme, other brands might go up against the competition eating up the market of the Lifebuoy and its reputation.



10. What is Chairman Banga's approach to costing Lifebuoy? Do you agree with this approach?

                - It should be affordable to the masses; it was created to be a low-cost, mass-market soap. Yes I agree.



11. What is the key to sustained community behavioral change according to Harpreet Singh Tibb?

                -  A program that would be low-cost, scalable, and sustainable, that could reach out to multiple contacts.



12. The Lifebuoy Swasthya Cheetna program decided to go through the local school system? Would this approach work in the Philippines?

                - Yes, I think it will, because here in the Philippines, students are more open to learning new things and telling those that they learned to their peers and relatives giving other people the idea about what the marketers told the students.



13. What is the Lifebuoy Swasthya Cheetna's process for creating behavioral change?

                - Exposures. The three types of exposures first would be initiation and information, next would be the Large-scale propagation, then lastly the reinforcement and preparing for sustainability.



14. Each exposure in the behavioral change process involved 5 key communication tactics? Can you add or subtract to these tactics? Would these tactics work in the Philippines?

                - Yes we can but it would be a loss of opportunity if we remove a certain process and addition would be not so necessary. Yes it would work because most of the masses depend also on these kinds of things and events.



15. Explain the germ-glow demonstration. Do you think it was effective? Are there any alternatives?

                - They showed the people that invisible germs exist and can be eliminated through the use of soap. Yes! This would be the best thing to do because in this matter, others would really realize and see for themselves that those germs really exist.



16. How did you think the Swasthya Cheetna program impact HLL? Was it a success?

                - HLL company has made a great opportunity of telling to the people that what their selling was very important to everyone. Yes it is.



17. How can wealthier Indian populations benefit from the health and hygiene messages?

                - Education about the germs and other things about health would be beneficial from them and that they would also be more hygienic than ever.



18. Is the PPP scalable? What about the Swatshya Cheetna program?

                - Not that much. Swatshya Cheetna program is scalable.



19. Yuri Jain claims that PPP has scale. Do you agree with him?

                - Yes.


20. Why do you think PPP was slowed down while the Swathsya Cheetna program pushed through?

                - because the scale of PPP was so much that it can’t be managed very well and that it’s a bit old-school in its ways.


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