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Jaipur Foot

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David Lemuel E. Garcia


10564721      BS-IM



Jaipur Foot




1. What is the innovation of Jaipur Foot?


            - Selling prosthetic feet and lower limbs to people who can’t afford to buy one that has a high price.



2. What is the business of Jaipur Foot?


            - They manufacture and sell prosthetic feet which are handmade and can be bought at a very low price.



3. Who are the main beneficiaries of Jaipur Foot's products?


            - Those people who are amputees and can’t  afford to buy prosthetics for themselves.



4. Why is Afghanistan one of the markets of Jaipur Foot?


            - Crippled people are very much seen on this country because of the wars that are happening on that country and that horrible incidents really do happen there.



5. How does Jaipur Foot's product pricing compare with the West?


            - Their pricing was really very low compared to the western pricing but giving out almost the same quality as the high priced western products.



6. What is the Gait Cycle?


            - The rhythmic alternating movements of the two lower extremities which results to the forward movement of the body or simply called as the way we actually walk.



7. How was the first Jaipur Foot artificial limb developed?


            - The first jaipur foot was not flexible enough to give the person a sense of normal movement thus giving the manufacturers the idea of recreating jaipur foot into a more flexible type of prosthetic.



8. What are the design considerations in the Jaipur Foot Design Process?


            - Squats, cross-legged sitting, uneven ground walking, and bare foot walking should be the things that can be done while using the jaipur foot.



9. What are the constraints in the development for Jaipur Foot?


            - The poverty of the market that they have, the lifestyle of the people that would need their product, and the number of trained people that produce their product.



10. How can you compare the raw materials for Jaipur Foot vs. other products?


            - Their raw materials are available locally and that scarcity in the materials that they use is low in the risk of happening.



11. Explain a typical fitting day for a Jaipur Foot? How does it compare with the West?


            - The fitting day would last for a day and that every patient was treated nicely with a free meal and an accommodation for every patient’s family while on the west side, people should do some scheduling and the treatments don’t even have a free meal.



12. What is the BMVSS? How does Jaipur Foot conduct community outreach?


            - BMVSS is an organization that helped jaipur foot to reach out to amputees and learn about their product thus giving them the opportunity to increase their sales in a very huge number compared to how they started.



13. Compare Jaipur Foot with Ossur - which one is more competitive? Why?


            - Administration would be great with Ossur however, Jaipur Foot does need to produce and invest more on the manufacturing as it caters to those who are in  the BOP and being competitive on that part was to be able to cater to as much people as you can to give them the help that they need.



14. Is the Jaipur Foot model scalable? Explain.


            - Yes it is. Their success would show that even if they moved out to several locations, the management and their monitoring of each and every team was still in tact and they made their sales go up.




15. What is the significance of Jaipur Foot's cooperation with ISRO?


            - The reduction of cost to the manufacturing of Jaipur Foot was helped by ISRO and the reduction of weight of the product also increased the products value and quality.


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