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Voxiva Case Study

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David Lemuel E. Garcia


10564721      BS-IM



The Voxiva Story



1. What is the innovation of Voxiva?


            - Controlling the threat of infectious diseases by doing early detection, outbreaks, and immediate response.



2. What are the 3 ingredients of an effective system of disease surveillance and response?


            - Real-time collection of critical information from a distributed network of people. Rapid analysis of data to drive decision-making and allocation of resources. Communication back to the field to coordinate response.



3. According to Meyer, what are his findings regarding ICT projects?


            - Most projects were deployed on a pilot basis and were fundamentally not scalable. Projects where overwhelmingly focused on connectivity. There was too much focus on the internet and computers as a solution.



4. What is Meyer's observations regarding the use of telephones worldwide?


            - People were ignoring the fact that there are a lot more telephones in the world and deduced that telephones are a much more accessible, practical tool for most people in the world.



5. What was the problem that Voxiva was originally designed to solve?


            - They used to deliver practical technology solutions to important problems in the developing world.



6. What are Alerta Pilot's benefits?


            - it is intuitive to use and accessible even from very remote regions in peru. It allows for quicker, better informed decision-making by health authorities and better allocation of scarce resources. It fosters better data quality because data is entered directly by users in the field and validated at the source. It allows for rapid feedback of information to the field and can be used to reinforce the skills and knowledge of health workers in the field.



7. How can Voxiva help eradicate diseases?


            -Voxiva helps eradicate diseases by early safety such as vaccination.



8. How can Voxiva be used for bioterrorism preparedness?


            - A quick and easy way of removing and creating cure for diseases can be made easily by them.




9. What are some of the lessons learned in Voxiva's deployment in other countries?


            - Foster two-way information flows. Leverage existing infrastructure. Avoid stovepipres. Software is not a system. Technology alone will fail.



10. What are some of Voxiva's challenges?


            - Ensure that its capacity to win new business does not outpace it’s ability to deliver quality services. Focus on key opportunities avoiding distraction. Deall with the challenges and long sales cycles of selling services to governments and international development agencies. Develop recurring revenue business models that generate revenue from local economies.



11. What is Meyer's beliefs regarding diversity? What is its connection to innovation?


            - Meyer’s said that diversity should be treated fairly and we should learn on how to cope with diversity. The creation of different methods are done and improved the company’s processes.



12. Can this system be implemented in the Philippines? What target disease would you recommend?


            - Yes. AIDS would be the target because this kind of disease can also be seen in a lot of Filipino people specially those who are on the streets.



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